Thursday, February 17, 2011

Haste The Day: New Album/Calling it Quits

Attack of the Wolf King is the name of the fifth and final studio album written by the band Haste the Day. The new album features two new guitar players and a new drummer, leaving the bass player the only original member. I love the line up changes and I think that this is the band's best album yet. I love every song from start to finish. The three new members brought their A game and definatly made this album the best that it could be. Lots of fans and critics say that the band should have changed their name due to the drastic lineup changes. I strongly disagree. This is definatly the band's most talented lineup and most mature record. I have been a fan of Haste the Day since I first saw them in concert. I am sad that the band will be no more. The band states that there are many reasons for calling it quits but they do not list any one reason. I am thankful for all the things they did as a band. After ten years and five albums Haste the Day will be no more.

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